Does the article describe correlational or experimental research? How do you know? Are there implications for drawing causal conclusions?


Essay, Psychology

Read and comment on the research methods used in an original research study (Part 1); write a brief summary of the article that would be suitable as a ‘press release’ for the general public (Part 2); and formulate a research question

In your response to Part I,comment on the research methods employed in your chosen article. You should address the following questions:
Does the article describe correlational or experimental research? How do you know? Are there implications for drawing causal conclusions?
What was the population of interest and how was the sample drawn from the population? Are there issues about generalizing from the sample to the population or beyond?
What was the central (main) hypothesis or central (main) research question?
What are the variables involved in the research? Is it possible to identify which are independent and which are dependent variables?
Are there internal and/or external validity issues involved?
Are there ethical issues involved?
Your response to Part 1 should be no more than 500 words
As you can tell from reading your chosen article, scientific writing can be hard to understand for non-experts. A major challenge for psychologists and other scientists is to communicate their research findings to the general public in a way that is accessible, informative, and interesting. For Part 2 of your written assignment, you are asked to write a press release for your chosen article in which the details and major findings of the paper are communicated in a simple and interesting way. You should use as little scientific jargon as possible, and you should use your own words instead of using direct quotes. As you will see from the example below (taken from a website that is constantly updating new and exciting scientific research), the press release starts by grabbing your attention, briefly describes the methodology and findings, and goes on to discuss the implications of the article. For further examples of real-life press releases, please consult:
Your press release should be no more than 300 words.
Scientific articles contributes to the literature by either summarizing previous data (“review articles”) or providing new data (“empirical articles”). A general goal of both types of articles is to spark new ideas and hypotheses about brain, mind, and behaviour. In Part 3, propose a research study that asks a new question on the topic of your chosen article. You should address all of the following issues in the description of your proposed study:
o What is your research question?
o What is your hypothesis (i.e., what result do you expect to find)?
o Who will take part in your study?
o What will the study involve (tasks, materials, procedure)?
o Is the study experimental or correlational?
o If the study is experimental: What will you manipulate (IV)? What will you measure (DV)?
o If the study is correlational: What variables will you measure?
o How will you rule out alternative explanations of the data?
o Comment on your study’s external validity.
o Why is your study important? In other words, if you obtain your hypothesized findings, what will it mean (i.e., what is the significance)?
o What ethical issues do you need to consider?



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