How can the nurse support the client and family in the performance of death and dying practices?


1) Please think about whether health care is a right. If you believe health care is a right, who should pay for it?

2) In reviewing the models of Health and Wellness which model best fits your beliefs about health and wellness, and why?

3) Respond to each of the questions below:

a) What are your cultural beliefs, and practices related to death and dying?

b) What about the beliefs and practices related to death and dying among people of the different cultural groups in your community.

c) How can the nurse support the client and family in the perfromance of death and dying practices? You may give examples here.

Question 1

From a logical basis, healthcare is a right that every person ought to enjoy unconditionally. Healthcare should be a basic human right in order to ensure everyone has access to Medicare despite their social class. When healthcare turns to a basic right, the government ought to foot all bills related to medical services. When the government pays for healthcare, it creates a favorable environment that gives everyone the chance to access healthcare.

Question 2

When it comes to health models, the one that befits me most is the adaptation mode. It emphasis that healthcare is a creative process.  This model goes ahead to state that disease is a failure in adaptation.. I find this model true because healthcare depends on the creative nature of all the involved parties. The government has to be creative and establish strong and functional healthcare systems. Medical personnel on their side ought to provide quality services to their clients. On the side of patients, they have to take responsibility and access medical healthcare. This will give them the ability and opportunity to keep their wellness and medical state on check.

Question 3

According to my cultural believes, death emanates from evil spirits. My culture believes that every single death has a dark side of it. The dark side of death is always affiliated to evil spirits. In relation to my cultural believes, once a person dies, they are set to go to heaven. Finally, every dead person requires a respectable sendoff. This means a well-planned burial system ought to be conducted.

In my community, there are cultural beliefs that dictate that people do not die out of natural causes. Such cultural setups belief that death is caused by dark forces. Other cultural beliefs dictate that after a person dies,  a new born among the family ought to be named after him.  This acts a way of appeasing the spirit of the dead person.

Once a person dies, the nurse can step in and help the family in different ways. The nurse can motivate the family to carry out a postmortem to determine the main cause of death. The nurse can also help the family by counseling them in their time of grieve.  A nurse ought to execute all these procedures in order to help the affected parties when incidents of death occur.


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