Describe the types of participants you would need. What sort of common characteristics would they need to have? Or, would anyone work for your study?

Method and Discussion on Research

Writer must be familiar and use (with exact page numbers in references) the book Exploring Research (8th Edition) by Neil J. Salkind. This book must be relied on the most for references.

These directions are based on the attached document. In other words write the Method and Discussion on this subject and based on this Literature review.

Write a Method section, including the experimental procedures you propose to test your hypothesis from your prior the Seminar Five assignment. Include the following:

(a) Describe the types of participants you would need. What sort of common characteristics would they need to have? Or, would anyone work for your study?

(b) How would you recruit your participants (Refer to sampling information in the Salkind text)?

(c) How would you collect the data in the variables you have identified (observation, test, questionnaire, survey, etc.)? Discuss why this method of data collection would work for your study, as well as any pros and cons.

(d) What type of statistics would you use to test your hypothesis?

(e) What results would you expect to find?

2. Write a Discussion Section in which you will address expected results from the experiment you have proposed. Address the following questions in the Discussion section:

(a) What is significant about the results you expect? What differences or impacts might these have in psychology?

(b) Propose two ways that the expected results might be applied in psychology. In other words, how might psychologists and other mental health practitioners put these results to use in helping others?

(c) Propose two ideas for future research, based on expected results. Should the study be replicated? Should some of the expected results be further tested? Should future research be conducted with a different population?

Submit the Method and Discussion sections. Be sure to include an explanation of how you will collect and analyze data using one of the following: T-test, Correlation, or ANOVA.

2. Add a one to two page summary and analysis of the process of drafting a research proposal during Seminars 4-6. Consider this questions, yet feel free to add your own reflections. This section may be written in first person, however any assertions you make need to be supported with cited references.

(a) Did you encounter any challenges in writing the Literature Review section? What would you do differently the next time you write a Literature Review?

(b) What is the significance of a Research Question? What might happen if a researcher skipped this step and just drafted the hypothesis?

(c) When you worked on the method section, did you find there was anything you might have changed with your Research Question(s), hypothesis, or variables? Would you keep everything the same, make it more focused, or make it more broad and general?

(d) Add your overall reactions to the process of drafting a research proposal? What did you learn? What do you need to learn more about for the next time?

(e) Anything else you want to add.
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