Discuss the ethical dilemma it presents and how you would work to resolve it.

Discuss the ethical dilemma it presents and how you would work to resolve it. Consider professional ethics and finding a balance between paternalism and autonomy in your decision-making process.
Scenario 1:
Mary, age 83, moved into the nursing home one month ago. She is physically frail but cognitively intact. She raised six children with a kind and supportive husband who died 10 years ago. Her daughters told the staff that she has never been one to join in on group activities.
Mary goes to the dining room for her meals and is pleasant to those at her table. However, outside of her time in the dining room she is spending a lot of time alone in her room and staff is concerned about her.
Do you, as a staff person, allow Mary to continue to spend much of her time alone in her room or do you try to engage her in activities?
Scenario 2:
In the dining room residents are assigned to tables of four. Pete has been a resident of the nursing home for two years. Recently a new resident, Bob, was placed at Pete’s table. Bob is a stroke victim and is unable to feed himself thus a staff member assists him. Pete has become very vocal about not wanting Bob at his table and has been very rude to Bob. Pete has requested that Bob be moved to a different table.
How will you handle Pete’s behavior and request?
Scenario 3:
Betty is 79 years old and is in the early stage of Alzheimer’s. She is a high fall risk and uses a walker. For safety reasons staff assist her getting in and out of chairs and bed. She has always waited for their assistance to do so. However the Alzheimer’s is advancing and Betty doesn’t always remember to ask for assistance. She has fallen twice trying to get up out of a chair without assistance. Fortunately she has not sustained any severe injuries.
Betty’s son has asked the staff to restrain her in a wheelchair to prevent any future falls that might result in a severe injury.
At a care management meeting staff discuss his request. How should this be handled?
Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.
Click here for information on course rubrics.
Moody, H. (1996). Ethics in an Aging Society. Baltimore, John Hopkins.

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