DISCUSS HOW THE MEDIA PORTRAYS A CERTAIN IMAGE FOR WOMEN.Media can be defined as a means of communication that reach and influence people widely. Forms of media are television, radio, newspapers, magazines film and the internet

how media portrays women



Media can be defined as a means of communication that reach and influence people widely. Forms of media are television, radio, newspapers, magazines film and the internet. According to Cash and Pruzinsky (2002), body image is considered as a complicated aspect of self- perfection that makes an individual to be concerned with their body structure and body appearance. In recent years the media has been portraying an ideal woman image that has created a lot of controversy in the society. Ideal woman in commercials, movies and adverts are always portrayed as models that have perfect looks and shape. They show that tall, thin and white ladies who have flawless faces, blonde hair and tubular body are most beautiful and attractive. Many women read articles and magazines filled with models that have flawless faces and couture bodies. This makes women to be more preoccupied with their appearance because once they read these magazines they notice that they look nothing like the models in the magazines. Today’s media portrays that women who have thin figures are attractive and beautiful. They create an idea that one must be unhealthy in order to be considered beautiful. The media defines an ideal woman as beautiful women of high standards which most of the women do not meet in this world. The women in the society concentrate on making themselves to be like the false image created by this commercials, movies or adverts. They become conscious of losing their weight by having a bad eating habit. Teenagers and young women have showed signs of dieting and insecurity has risen in them in the pressure of them wanting to become and remain thin. Once weight is lost they would do anything but to have to regain weight, even if it means starving themselves to death.

This paper aims to find out how the media portrays this image of an ideal woman. It will analyze different of media that portray this image for women in the society. The essay will show how this communication affects women, the advantages and disadvantages it creates in the society, how women change their behavior in the women and how this image created can be controlled.


Women of all ages are vulnerable to be disturbed by their body image. There are various documents of literature relating to mental health that prove women are greatly dissatisfied with their body. Body dissatisfaction has appeared to be more linked to recognition of appearance than physical reality issues. This means that people seek body images that will create some kind of fame and being recognized as opposed to their natural and physical appearances. Women are more affected with the body image syndrome more than men. This starts early in girls who are at their puberty or adolescence stages and continues throughout their life span.

Commercials and adverts have been portraying the image of an ideal woman in the society. You will find that most commercials use attractive and perfect-bodied women in their advertisements. They use these women to advertise make up kits, soaps, clothing, lotions, hair designs, shoe designs, insurance services, special offers and facial creams. The ladies used usually have a perfect looks and high standards that many women cannot meet in the society. They also have a body that is way below a healthy body weight. It has not been proven whether these women are naturally beautiful or whether they have performed surgeries on themselves so as to become perfect.



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