Discuss the importance of the past in the present in design Ethical journalism Mathematics, spatial arrangement and layout design Celebrity journalism Visual communication in business Reporting fact or fiction.

Human Computer interaction

Assessment Process
Your lecturer(s) will use the 4 or 5 assessment criteria described in each assignment section to assess your
assignments. For each marking criterion, your lecturer(s) will indicate the mark you will be rewarded (1-5)
and provide a brief feedback, which you should use to monitor your performance and quality of work. See
the Marking Key table below for a guide.
Marking Key
A mark of 1 Suggests a very low demonstration of the criterion. There are some serious weaknesses in
the understanding and application in the work.
A mark of 2 Suggests an almost satisfactory demonstration of the criterion. There are some
weaknesses in the material and perhaps some omissions in.
A mark of 3 Suggests a good demonstration of the criterion. The work demonstrates an understanding
of the material and a good application of the knowledge.
A mark of 4 Represents a very good demonstration of the criterion. The work provides evidence of a
very good understanding of the material and the application of the knowledge is strong.
A mark of 5 Represents outstanding demonstration of the criterion. The work is highly developed, fully
resolved, thorough, and meticulous in its final delivery.
CCA1108D Communications & Digital Technology [3/11] Assignment Topics
Choose one assignment topic for both Assignments 1 and 2.
Web 2.0 The Twitter phenomenon
Graphical user interface The future of talkback radio
Human-computer interaction Tabloid television
User centred design A historical period in fashion
Interaction design Work/collection by a contemporary fashion
Games and their effect on the brain Creative music software
Perspectives on classification of video games Music technology
Serious Games Music for film and video
Visual abstraction & reduction in communication Electronic photomedia
Visualising data to improve understanding Photomedia-installation
Graphic design in advertising The future of newspapers
Graphics of protest, peace and social justice The new media landscape
Universal design Citizen journalism
Environmentally sustainable design Digital technology and the media
Signs, symbols and language Media ownership
Psychology of colour The 24 hour news cycle
The importance of the past in the present in



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