What evidence can you provide to support or oppose the treatment for the disease that they chose?

What evidence can you provide to support or oppose the treatment for the disease that they chose? Your response must be supported by one scholarly reference cited in accordance with APA style as outlined.
According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Depression in 2013, there are 8 types of depressive disorder with major depressive disorder being one of the most common (American Psychiatric Association). Depression is a mood disorder which can handicap and debilitate the most unlikely of people. It causes a constant feeling of sadness and loss of interest in life and its activities. It is not exactly know as to what causes depression but some factors which may be involved include a biological difference (physical changes in the brain), brain chemistry (interactions in brain center regulating mood), hormones, and inherited traits (Mayo Clinic, 2016).
The use of integrative medicine interventions has led to significant improvements in patient activation and patient-reported outcomes in the treatment of chronic pain, depression, and stress (2015).
After reviewing the data from 369 patients (using integrative methods) over the course of 6 months, researchers found significant reductions in patients’ perception of depression and stress (2015). In 179 of these patients… researchers also found statistically significant decreases in pain severity and a 28 percent decrease in the degree to which pain interfered with quality of life (2015).
As pharmacological treatment of depression in older adults is riddled with side effects and comorbidities it is important to utilize nonpharmacological means; such as cognitive–behavioral therapy (CBT), yoga, tai chi, meditation, religion and/or spirituality, Reiki, and more (Lill, 2015).
Integrative Medicine is a practically perfect marriage of medicines which complement one another and help individuals heal more effectively.
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