Explain the significance of your proposed study plan and your selected region, language, and culture to U.S.

Explain the significance of your proposed study plan and your selected region, language, and culture to U.S. national security, broadly defined. You should also describe how your proposed study plan relates to your academic and career goals, including your plans to fulfill the service requirement.
Havingstrong political and economic relations with india is imperative and increasingly important to the United States’ national security today and in the future. The White House believes that the united states and india relationship will be one of the defining partnerships for the 21st century. With the second largest population density, and only growing, as well as strategically placed next to Pakistan and Afghanistan, having a stable india economically, politically, and a strong health care infrastructure is vital to the United States’ national security.
Considering India’s vital regional role in East and West Asia, India’s future and stability is vital to US nationalsecurity making india is one of the usa’s most important strategic partners on a global scale.
The US administration considers India as the most important emerging strategic partner facing China. India is also important for US politics, national security and economy due to “unabated growth of Islamic militancy in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and India’s convenient location between the shipping lanes of the South Pacific and the Persian Gulf” (Kamdar, 2007).
The fast-pacing economic growth of India has been successful in attracting huge ventures by chief U.S. corporations. There is a development between the two countries’ trade and investment. between the two countries is booming. India is important for American corporations for the reason that the eastern country can make US profit about $20-$40 billion as a result of the nuclear agreement alone. India is being admired by the USA for demonstrating a new maturity in making out the need to leave the Nonaligned Movement and anobligation to multilateralism behind. Indian-Americans also play crucial role in the future of the relationship between the two countries. (Kamdar, 2007).
In the contemporary era, both United States and India are dependent on each other for having a secured future.



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