How do you incorporate your philosophy within your nursing profession?

How do you incorporate your philosophy within your nursing profession? Can you identify any potential forces that may impact your nursing philosophy in the future (with your future position)? If any, what changes might these forces make?

Use Jean Watson Caring Theory

Incorporate and/or choose a nurse theorist in which you hold similar values/ethics to. Compare your philosophy to that nursing theorist. What is the main idea or premise of the philosophy of the nurse theorist you have chosen? Or what is the main purpose/viewpoint set forth?

Paper states a clear personal philosophy, incorporating one or more theories/theorists. Paper makes detailed connections to previous experiences and observations as rationale.

Paper offers clear evidence of critical thought/analysis by the writer and is not merely a description of identified theories or merely a summary of the cited sources.

• Must include 4 scholarly, peer-reviewed references.
• You may use two different authors from different chapters in the textbook if you would like.
• Paper cites relevant and recent sources where necessary.
• Sources are properly cited using APA guidelines.
• Paper is well written, in a clear/concise manner and is free from mechanical/APA errors.
• Paper is written in APA format with title and reference pages (no abstract needed).
• Each heading section must include a minimum of 1 scholarly reference.
• Paper should be a minimum of 3 pages (not including title and reference page).
• Although APA states not to use I, me, my, etc., these may be used sparingly with this assignment. If you need assistance with understanding how to write a personal paper using first person sparingly, please email me in advance so I can assist you with this assignment.
• Do not use direct quotations, students are expected to paraphrase. Points will be deducted for the use of direct quotations. If a direct quote is absolutely necessary, please submit the information to me in advance for approval.
• Introduction must include a thesis statement and each of the main topic points to be discussed in the paper.
• Conclusion should include a re-statement of the thesis statement synthesized with each of the main topic points in a concise manner.
• Paragraph formatting should be according to APA guidelines including paragraph indentions.
• Paragraphs should be between 3-6 sentences.
• HEADINGS ARE REQUIRED and must follow APA guidelines. (Hint: APA does not include an introduction heading). Headings should correlate with the main topic points stated in the introduction.



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