Lack of communication in an organization indicates that there are employee relationship problems that would be improved through team building and other social activities to resolve conflicts within the organization, (Benson, 2010).

Managing Health Services


With the rise in living standards and technological advancement, productivity is which is achieved with health is important hence effective management of health services is crucial. All health services must be managed properly to deliver quality customer services to patients in an efficient manner (Mullins, 2007). For proper management of health services, there is need for harmony between internal and external parties. Many health care organizations find it difficult to deliver services due to poor management (Campbell, 2002). Organizational behavior has three levels: organization system, groups within the organization and the individual. This essay answers questions related to organizations management. (Robins, 2002),

Question #1

Organizational behavior, which is the study of personal and group dynamic level in an organization, is a dynamic discipline. New research ideas have been used to improve the effectiveness of management (Miner, 2002). Moreover, organizational behavior has implications for the ways in which managers manage their employees in the work environment. The role of managers in service delivery determines the level of efficiency obtained from the laid down strategies, (Mullins, 2007). The effectiveness of an organization can be described as the efficiency to which paramedics respond to emergencies, (Russell, 2007). Health care service managers should provide an understandable overview of the demands of the organization in terms of the expected duties and roles for all parties and ensure provision of the expected operational frame work (Caldwell, 2005).

The ability to lay down important and strategic approaches to management is based on the organization policies and culture, (McKelvey, 1999). A good organizational culture helps management come up with a system that promotes an increase in the contribution of workers in the management process (Langdon & Marshall, 1998). Organizational culture aims to reduce the gap between the employees and the management to enable them to work as a team towards a common goal (Langdon & Marshall, 1998). In health services, team work can be enhanced through an effective communication. In addition proper human resource management can contribute to a higher degree of work ethics in provision of health services, (Wood, Zeffane, Fromholt & FitzGerald (2006). There is need for training human resource managers in order to develop their skills so as to enhance their abilities in promoting team work, (Okes, 2006). In the management of paramedics there is need to ensure efficiency in handling and treatment of patients through proper communication betwee



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