Macbeth’s witches are harbingers of evil but how do they define happiness and how do they interfere with the happiness of others?

happiness or mening

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this is a diagnostic essay, about happiness or meaning, related somehow to people who wear night guards for tmj disorders. i will upload a file for reference.
Also it should have an opening literary quote.
Diagnostic Essay on Happiness. Read it carefully and relate it to your research topic. (topic: TMJ disorders, different treatment options and patients using nighguards)
Read the following passage carefully, analyze it, and apply it the claims of value of your subjects, patients, texts, physicians, or corporations to explain how their ideals of happiness cloud, disrupt, or illuminate your claims progression.
For example, fossil fuels CEOs, dentists, or physicians may feel happiness comes from money so they will jeopardize treatment or promote things that are bad for the environment to fulfill their goals; patients whose happiness comes from drinking alcohol or eating junk food may jeopardize their health; a patient whose idea of happiness is passionate love all night may have trouble wearing the dental guard you prescribe; a child with cancer may be treated more effectively if his ideal of happiness is understood. Macbeth’s witches are harbingers of evil but how do they define happiness and how do they interfere with the happiness of others?
Happiness is one important value so let us start with this diagnostic.
Try to write a first draft in 90 minutes as they do in on site class but proofread carefully and pay attention to grammar, word choice, sentence structure, and paragraph progression as this is a writing test.
“The research covered at the Greater Good Science Center is often referred to as “the science of happiness,” yet our tagline is “The Science of a Meaningful Life.” Meaning, happiness—is there a difference?
New research suggests that there is. When a study in the Journal of Positive Psychology tried to disentangle the concepts of “meaning” and “happiness” by surveying roughly 400 Americans, it found considerable overlap between the two—but also some key distinctions.
Based on those surveys, for instance, feeling good and having one’s needs met seem integral to happiness but unrelated to meaning. Happy people seem to dwell in the present moment, not the past or future, whereas meaning seems to involve linking past, present, and future. People derive meaningfulness (but not necessarily happiness) from helping others—being a “giver”—whereas people derive happiness (but not necessarily meaningfulness) from being a “taker.” And while social connections are important to meaning and happiness, the type of connection matters: Spending time with friends is important to happiness but not meaning, whereas the opposite is true for spending time with loved ones. . . “
—“Forget Happiness, Find Meaning”
by Jason Marsh, Devan Davison, Bianca Lorenz, Lauren
Klein, Jeremy Adam Smith, Emiliana R. Simon-Thomas



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