Mary is a 41 year old female who lives with her husband and three children, 17, 14 and 10 years respectively. Mary holds down a responsible position in a large organisation and loves the work she does. Her husband is supportive and they have been married for 18 years.

Mary has moments of extreme energy. While this is good at some level, she finds herself exhausted, and at times her thoughts are too accelerated for her concentrate on any one thing. For instance when feeling like this, she often forgets to eat or undertake tasks required in the workplace and at home. Sometimes Mary has feelings of euphoria where she enjoys spending money however this can get out of hand. For example, she has recently had one shopping spree where she bought 23 red lipsticks because she liked the colour and believed there was a special meaning related to the number of lipsticks and the colour.
Mary also describes moments of despair where she is tearful and has little or no energy to even move from her bed. At these times, she lacks motivation to complete simple activities such as eating and dressing. Mary’s husband reports that Mary often talks of feeling worthless and hopeless on these occasions and has made comments in the past that she can’t see how she will manage to get through another day.
Relevant Information
? Lives with her husband and 3 children ( John 17; Philip 14 and Sarah 10)
? Married 18 years. Husband supportive.
? Works for large organisation as an accounts manager.
? Belongs to the local church and attends weekly.
? Physically well with no known medical history.
? Diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 26 after a manic phase. Hospitalised for 5 weeks but has had no further admissions.
? Self-administers Lithium ( a mood stabiliser) 900mg daily
? Appropriate developmental milestones achieved.
? No alcohol, smoking or drug history.
? Care is self-managed in collaboration with her GP.
? Attends GP’s for regular blood test to monitor lithium levels.
? Her own mother has lived with depression for 35 years.
3. Tania Eating Disorder Case Study Background :
Tania is a 23 year old female who is studying to be a lawyer. She lives in the metro area with her parents who are both ‘busy’ doctors and her younger brother who she describes as outgoing and popular and who is studying law.
The family describe themselves as very close and loving despite both parents working long hours. Tania started preparing meals for the family 12 months ago but now refuses to eat with them. Her weight has dropped from 66kg to 40kg in the past year. During the same period she has grown from 160cm to 164cm tall.
The parents have several concerns such as Tania’s weight loss, her food restrictions and excessive exercising over the last six months. Tania denies vomiting or laxative abuse but believes she needs to continue losing weight as she is fat. She believes her parents are making a fuss over nothing and cannot understand their concerns. She believes they are interfering in her life and it is causing disharmony and arguments between the family members.



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