Nursing Research articles and Peer Reviews

Application: A Follow-up to APA Formatting, Scholarly Writing, and Utilizing the Walden Library
In Week 1, you considered how the appropriate use of APA citations facilitates scholarly writing. In Week 2, you honed in on your APA skills as you discovered APA formatting errors on a paper that was presented. In Week 4, you learned about searching and retrieving articles via the Walden Library. In this Assignment, you will apply what was learned from previous weeks by setting up a paper in proper APA format and retrieving articles via the Walden Library.
To prepare:
• Review the information presented in the Learning Resources previously given in week 2 on APA formatting, including the APA Basics Checklist: Citations, Reference List, and Style.
• View the available resources on APA via the Walden Writing Center.
• Locate the three peer-reviewed nursing research articles listed below via the Walden Library.
1. C. A. Winters & R. Echeverri. Academic Education. Teaching Strategies to Support Evidence-Based Practice. Published in 2012 in the Critical Care Nurses journal.
2. M. MacPhee, J. Skelton-Green, F. Bouthillette, & N. Suryaprakash. An empowerment framework for nursing leadership development: supporting evidence. Published in 2012 in the Journal of Advanced Nursing.
3. T. Gropelli, & J. Sharer, J. Nurses’ Perceptions of Pain Management in Older Adults. Published in 2013 in MEDSURG Nursing.
• Review Chapter 6, Crediting Sources, from the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.
To complete:
• Utilizing Microsoft Word, include the following content below in proper APA format and layout onto a paper to be submitted to your instructor:
o Include on Title Page the following in correct APA format:
 Running head – Formatting
 Page number
 Title of paper – Proper formatting of assignments
 Your name
 Walden University
 Course number
 Course section
 Course name
 Date
o Include on the second page of your paper the following information in correct APA format:
◾Subsequent page header – Formatting
◾Page number
◾Title of paper – Proper formatting of assignments
◾Level 1 Heading – Importance of understanding formatting
◾Level 1 Heading – Crediting sources
◾Under crediting sources heading, type 1-2 paraphrased sentences from Chapter 6, Crediting Sources, of the APA manual. Remember to include citations for paraphrased sentences per APA rule.
◾Level 1 Heading – Conclusion
◦Include on the third page of your paper the following in correct APA format:
◾Title – References
◾The three articles found above via the Walden Library in proper APA formatting and rules for referencing journal articles retrieved electronically are followed.
◾APA manual



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