This module aim is to develop the ability to use both pathophysiological and psychosocial theory to underpin a comprehensive and holistic assessment of the health needs of adults with long term health problems.
Module Aims and Learning Outcomes
The aims of this module are to enable students to:

? Develop knowledge of the underpinning anatomy physiology and pathophysiology of a range of long term conditions
? Explain how psychosocial influences that occur over the life continuum affect the health status of adults in society
? Apply fundamental psychosocial evidence and theories to the effective understanding of the health and social care needs of individuals with long term conditions and use this knowledge to inform appropriate interventions

Learning Outcomes: Knowledge and Understanding

Successful students will typically be able to:

? Explain the pathophysiological changes that occur as a result of long term health problems
? Demonstrate an understanding of the pivotal role of communication in continuing care
? Explain the relationship between attitudinal development and belief systems to the individuals perception and responses to their health circumstances
? Analyse the role of life events and lifestyles in terms of health status and coping strategies
Learning Outcomes: Skills and Attributes

Successful students will typically:

? Relate psychosocial influential factors to the existing and/ or future health status of individuals or communities
? Recognise and evaluate the effectiveness of coping strategies used by individuals to manage life stressors
? Select appropriate strategies to assess the physical, psychosocial and sociological status of the patient with chronic illness and plan appropriate nursing care to meet identified needs.

Learning and research skills

The students will be encouraged to search for, explore and utilise professional literature and current research to support the evidence base for Nursing Adults with Long Term Conditions with regard to the Module learning outcomes.
Intellectual depth, breadth and adaptability

The focus is for individualised care for Adults living with Long Term Conditions which may beadapted to be effective in which ever environment nursing care is delivered.
Assessment Details
The next pages contain the remit and information for the formative and summative assessments. Further information will be given in class as to how the content of each session relates therefore attendance is important.

Please read the following pages very carefully an



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