What are wearable computers and how are they currently being used.

1. What are wearable computers and how are they currently being used. You should explore a range of applications of wearable computers, for example, in areas such as healthcare, the military and entertainment.

2. Discuss at least three ways that wearable computers could be used to enhance higher education. In particular the Vice-Chancellor would like you to explore ways wearable computers could be used to provide educational opportunities that are not possible with current stand-alone computers.

3. Assess the advantages and disadvantages of using wearable computers in higher education. Explore the ethical, social and legal considerations of students being connected to the Internet through wearable computers. Examine the privacy and security concerns of using wearable computers in higher education.

Your report should conclude with recommendations for the university with respect to the implementation and use of wearable computers in higher education.

Please note that you will need to make some assumptions about the university in order to write this report. These assumptions should be incorporated in the introduction to your report when you describe the university and outline the problem to be solved.

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COIT20233/COIT20249 Assessment Details Assessment item 3—Report Due date: 11:55 pm AEST, Friday, Week 9 ASSESSMENT Weighting: 30% 3 Length: 3000 words +/- 500 words (Note: Failure to submit within this range will result in a penalty of 5 marks) Objectives Please refer to the course profile to see how this assessment item relates to the course learning outcomes. This assignment is designed to stimulate critical thinking outside of the classroom by requiring students to write a formal academic report. You will need to follow the ARE process described in chapters 2 and 3 of Your Business Degree 2 (prescribed textbook for COIT20233/COIT20249) to analyse the assessment task, research relevant information and evaluate the information you find. This information should be used to write an academic report in which you present your findings or outcomes and make recommendations for future practice Professional writing and writing reports are described in chapters 4 and 5 of Your Business Degree 2. This assessment task will assess your skills in critical thinking, researching information, forming an opinion, academic writing, logical ordering of ideas and your ability to support your arguments with quotes from literature. These objectives will be measured by the ‘closeness of fit’ to meeting the assessment task, assessment requirements and assessment criteria listed below. Please note that there is a wealth of material available on the Libguide website for this course that you should use to help you gather and evaluate relevant information for writing your report ( https://libguides.library.cqu.edu.au/content.php?

pid=322500&sid=2640638http://libguides.library.cqu.edu.au/content.php?pid=322500&sid=2640638). Assessment task Students are required to write an academic report as per the format outlined in chapter 5 of the textbook. The report must follow either the https://www.cqu.edu.au/?a=14032Harvard citation and referencing guidelines or…



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