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Analytical Report Package: Project Topic Description

Project: Analytical Report Project Topic Memo Assignment Information

Note: The project is not designed for producing instructional type documents, such as standard operating procedures or user manuals, or policy, informational, or descriptive type documents, such as policies, testing documents, specifications, or planning documents, as the final product of the project.

The final product of the project is an analytical report. In an analytical report, you describe a problem situation or opportunity, discuss results of your research, identify alternatives and possible solution(s) based on your research and findings, draw conclusions, and possibly offer recommendations to solve or improve the situation or opportunity. To find out more about an analytical report, see module 2 commentary and the supplemental content provided in the Analyitcal Report Package related documents tab under Course Content.

The project is representative of projects in which you will participate or have participated in a professional environment. The project consists of a sequence of six documents that you’ll complete as you proceed through the lifecycle of the project. The documents are the project topic description memo, audience analysis, proposal, annotated bibliography, analytical report, and presentation outline/slides. The assignments for the project are completed individually. The instruction manual is a separate assignment.

Objective: To write a well developed memo describing specifically your proposed topic for your project. The provided memo template must be used for submission or else the assignment will be returned ungraded.

Grading Criteria
•Meets specified length requirements
•Uses prescribed memo template
•Focuses on your audience and purpose
•States the memo’s purpose
•Uses the appropriate tone and level of formality for the audience
•Uses direct, concise, precise, simple language that is appropriate for the audience
•Presents information at an appropriate level of detail
•Is well developed
•Is organized effectively for your audience
•Concludes positively
•Is coherent
•Uses varied, effective sentence structure
•Contains no sentence structure problems
•Contains no grammatical or spelling errors

What to do: In a memo of approximately one page or more, describe the proposed topic for your project using either:
1.the prescribed memo template (The template is attached to this assignment description.)

2.a memo in your own format incorporating information specified in the list below

Address your memo to your instructor.

In your memo, specifically and fully describe the following:
•the problem or opportunity you are looking at
•your reasons for looking at this problem or opportunity (the need for the project)
•your preliminary ideas for improving or solving this problem or opportunity
•the audience of decision makers and others for the proposal and report you will write related to this project (Who is the decision maker for this project, possible stakeholders, and/or others interested in this project?)
•the purpose of this project
•the scope of this project (Keep the scope, or focus, of the project limited. Look at a topic for a specific organization or group of people, rather than from a global perspective.)
•any preliminary knowledge or research of the topic
•The purpose of this assignment is to give your instructor an idea of what you intend to undertake for your project. Your intended project will be reviewed for appropriateness of topic, depth, and scope.

Note: Please be specific about your topic in your description and explain fully your idea, describing the items listed in the previous paragraph. For example, if your topic is starting a new business, please identify what type of business and who the specific audience of decision makers for your documents will be. There are many types of businesses you can start and you need to be more specific.

Your instructor is reviewing these descriptions as a project manager who is considering these topics for approval and funding. Your instructor is looking at them as something you would do in the “real world”, not as a class assignment.

Before you can proceed with your topic, your instructor must approve it. Check for a response of approval or a request for further information in your portfolio or in an email.

Requirements: The minimum length is 1 single-spaced page, using a prescribed template.

Format: Submit your memo in the prescribed template or your own format using a text format, a MS Word format, or RTF format. Do not submit in an HTML or a PDF format.



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