Describe the transformation process by which organisations produce & deliver goods & services.

1. Describe the transformation process by which organisations produce & deliver goods & services.
2. Critically discuss the differences between service operations and manufacturing operations.
3. Collaborate with healthcare professionals to select & improve a patient/healthcare process
4. Apply core operations management concepts to design more effective utilisation of resources.
5. Apply the characteristics, roles and techniques of project management to their module project.
6. Reflect on their role in contributing to the project

Part I 25%
Review the core concepts of lean operations and process mapping.
Critically discuss how healthcare operational improvements were achieved in the Karolinska Hospital case
(Learning Outcomes: 1, 2 are assessed in Part I).
Part II 75%
Project Management demonstrated by mapping and redesigning a healthcare process
Using the procedure known as ‘process mapping’ or ‘flow charting’, use quality improvement tools to track, chart
and describe the experience of a patient journey through a defined process. Alternatively, if you have no
access to patients you can track, chart and describe a defined healthcare process within your work setting.
Using the principles of operations management and quality improvement tools, suggest realistic approaches
to optimisation of the process. Apply the characteristics and techniques of project management in your
assignment. Reflect on your experience of doing this project

The aims of the project are to be able to:
– Meet and work with professional colleagues in detailing and improving a healthcare process
– Think critically from the patient’s point of view
– Develop insight into the various staff roles and resources in a healthcare process
– Using improvement tools, suggest a redesign of the process to achieve efficiency, safety or other
quality improvements
– Develop your project management skills through the application of project management principles
(Learning Outcomes: 1, 3, 4, 5and 6 are assessed in Part II). This assignment is done in pairs

P.S I will upload 4 power points which can be used in the assignment for part 1 , and please use the table in slide number 10 on the power points Karolinska Sjukhuset PP Final-3

For the reflection part it should be about my role and my other pair in this project (how we divided the work), it should be after conclusion and before the references

for process mapping for patient journey, data and time should be included

the file should be on PDF with Arial



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