Differentiate between strategy, tactics, and operational execution.

· Differentiate between strategy, tactics, and operational execution.Assess strategic planning issues, assumptions, unexpected challenges, limited initiatives and marketing with teams.

· Analyze future marketing strategies revolving around customers, products and services, access, and financial challenges.

You will provide all previous Final Project units with any revisions along with the following to submit your Final Project.

Recommendations and Conclusion

a. Examine why it is necessary for the marketing plan to be integrated into the organization and explain what integration of the marketing plan means.

b. Compare some likely elements that the plan should be integrated with and why.

c. Distinguish the core elements of that market plan.

d. Explain how an organization could evaluate among alternative plans to see what plan(s) might be approved. What criteria would be used?

e. Analyze the core differences between strategy and tactics.

f. Evaluate examples of assumed assumptions in health care and discuss under what conditions assumed assumptions occur.

g. Differentiate how marketing demonstrates accountability in a health care setting.

h. Discuss the planning issues that are often encountered. Provide an overview of the issue, why the issue is important, and implications of the issue to the process and provide examples.

i. There are issues facing planning and marketing professionals however, there is advice to help marketing professionals be more effective. Evaluate what is meant by each of the following items:

i. Be the Voice of the Market

ii. Earned Role verses Assigned Role

iii. Accountability

iv. Be Bold and Have Ideas

Reference page (combine all references for a minimum of ten (10) that you have utilized throughout your Final Project deliverables.

The Final Project should meet all APA standards, grammatically correct, appropriate and consistent research citation and documentation. Each section is to be a minimum of two (2) pages and should include a separate title and reference page. Your Final Project will have a separate title page and one reference page(s) that combine all references utilized throughout the Final Project.


References are to be scholarly peer reviewed resources ONLY, with a minimum of ten (10) references. You MUST use the APA template for ALL written Assignments.



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