Evaluate the MET process (Exhibit OL-2). What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the MET technique?

Ohio Lottery

Case study:-
Read the case study Ohio Lottery: Innovative Research: Design Drives Winning. Answer the following questions:
a. What is the main research question the researchers are trying to solve for?
b. Review the overall research design in the Ohio Lottery case (See Exhibit OL-1). What are the advantages and disadvantages of this design? Would you select a different research design? Why or why not?
c. Evaluate the MET process (Exhibit OL-2). What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the MET technique?
d. Review the sample questions provided (Exhibit OL-3) Why might the lottery attitude and lottery importance questions have presented the most challenge to the professional researchers?
e. Evaluate the MET discussion guide for the Ohio Lottery Research.

Case Studies: Prepare a double-spaced paper (2-4 pages without title, references, etc). Please follow the APA rules for completing this assignment. Be sure to support your answers with at least 4 references( you must cite our book:
Required Books
Business Research Methods by Donald Cooper, Pamela Schindler. McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. 11 edition (2010) ISBN:0073373702 ISBN-13:9780073373706 eISBN:9780077550684

Writing Assignments:
There may be writing assignments due each week. Students are to apply critical thinking in all writing. While content is very important in a writing assignment, students are expected to check the spelling (do not always rely on the spell check on your computer) and to use correct grammar in all assignments. All papers should follow APA Guidelines (ex: Introduction, Body, Conclusion, use headers, references, etc) 75% of the grade will be based on content. 25% of the grade will be based on style and format including such items as clarity of communication, sentence and paragraph construction, punctuation, spelling, and grammar. In order to receive all points for the weekly assignments, be sure to answer ALL of the questions in the assignment, from the syllabus. Outstanding papers should make a strong argument. All written assignments must utilize and site at least three different texts or articles. Assignments missing 3 references will have point reductions. Please see Appendix A for my Grading Criteria and Rubric. Be sure to review academic standards and referencing guidelines from APA. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism:
Academic dishonesty includes such actions as cheating on examinations or assignments, turning someone else’s work in as if it were your own, and plagiarism. Plagiarism includes failing to adequately cite sources of information, using someone’s ideas, information, or words as if they were your own, etc.



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