Explain a good personal exercise program that will incorporate the four major components of physical fitness.

In no less than 4 paragraphs, please complete the following assignment.

Explain a good personal exercise program that will incorporate the four major components of physical fitness. (see below) Each paragraph should deal with a different component and explain exactly how you will train to attain that benefit. Please make this a plan that you would enjoy following, given the time and any expense it might entail.

Cardiorespiratory fitness refers to the ability of the heart and the lungs to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the body s muscles and cells by means of the bloodstream. You develop your cardiorespiratory fitness through activities that involve the use of large muscles in continuous movement over a period of time.

improves muscle and liver function
decreases the resting heart rate
decreases the resting blood pressure
increases good (HDL) cholesterol
decreases the heart rate at any work level
As the heat becomes more efficient, it needs to pump the blood less often, Why because each time the heart beats, more blood is moved through the arteries. This will lower your resting heart rate.

Muscular strength and endurance

In order set up a proper strength training program, we have to think about what we want to get out of strength training. This is the concept of specificity. For the purposes of making an exercise prescription, let’s assume that we want to be healthy. Healthy in terms of muscular strength and endurance means primarily, enough muscle to participate in your normal activities of daily living. You need enough muscle and muscle function to do yard work, play with the kids, carry your suit case into the airport, etc. We also need to do strength training in order to lessen the risk of osteoporosis. If you are a recreational sport player, adding muscular strength and endurance will allow you to perform your sport better. One of the best reasons to strength train for health is to increase your metabolism. Muscle requires calories to live. Fat requires very few calories. We say that muscle is metabolically active and fat is inert. By adding muscle through strength training, we increase metabolism to help burn off excess stored fat. If you do not have excess stored fat, adding muscle will allow you to eat more without gaining fat. For every 1lb of increased muscle mass, resting metabolism increases 30-50 calories. A modest gain of 5 lbs of muscle mass (not uncommon for beginners) means an increased metabolism of 250 calories.



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