Identify and discuss the theoretical basis for the conceptual “caring”.

This paper is a personal statement regarding ” CARING” In the nursing field. It should include a reference of nursing theorist ( JEAN WATSON) that relates to “caring” THEORY. Identify and discuss the teoretical basis for the conceptual “caring”. This paper should be APA style , 2-3 pages, 750-1000 words total. Here is what i got from the instructor to follow. According to South University’s BSN Nursing program, there are five conceptual frameworks of nursing: Communication, Professionalism, Holism, Caring and Critical Thinking. This paper will focus on one pillar in particular – Communication. (Wilkinson and Treas, 2011, p. 352). Elaborate More Furthermore, Wilkinson and Treas (2011), states that there are five components of communication: message (words or gestures), sender (person initiating message), channel (way in which the message is presented), receiver (person accepting message), and feedback (receiver’s response to message) (p. 353-354). Elaborate More In addition, there are two main types of communication: verbal and nonverbal. Verbal communication contains transmitted information via spoken language or written words (Wilikinson and Treas, 2011, p. 354). For example, verbal communication is often used when a nurse explains to the patient the importance of them taking their medications or explaining discharge instructions. According to Wilkinson and Treas (2011), the objective of the sender using verbal communication is so that the receiver may thoroughly understand the message (p. 354). This type of communication requires consciously selected words (Wilkinson and Treas, 2011, p.354). On the other hand, if a nurse taking care of a patient with consistently high blood pressure doesn’t effectively communicate to the patient the significance of taking their medications that help regulate their blood pressure, the patient may refuse the medication. Elaborate More In contrast, nonverbal communication mainly uses body language instead of words to convey a message (Wilkinson and Treas, 2011, p.356). For instance, a nurse is performing an assessment of a patient they believe are at risk of domestic violence, and as the nurse questions the patient, she says “everything is fine”, yet she’s twiddling her fingers and looking down at the floor. Elaborate More Furthermore, in order to have effective communication between the nurse and the patient, the nurse needs to build rapport with their patient by displaying a caring nature and taking the time to understand the patient’s needs. Elaborate More In conclusion, communication is a way in which a message is transferred from the sender to the receiver. Communication can be either verbal (conscious thought) or nonverbal (subconscious thought Elaborate More This is just a sample of information that I hope to receive from your paper. Of course the paragraphs are to be a lot longer. The paper should be 2-3 pages long. If you should have any questions please call or email me. Thanks



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