Identify Opportunities for Improvement, What must the HCO do?

Identify opportunities for improvement, what must the HCO do?To facilitate clinical support services’ ability to benchmark and identify opportunities for improvement, what must the HCO do?

• Question 2

The best possibility for formal CSS affiliation would be:

• Question 3

Using the community epidemiologic planning equation #1, for CSSs drawing directly from the community, what does the population figure forecast?

• Question 4

What is one tactic that can be used to improve CSS performance?

• Question 5

What is used to infer and forecast local values when measuring need and demand?

• Question 6

Data for the quality assessment of patient care at nursing homes, home health agencies, hospitals and kidney dialysis facilities are drawn from:

• Question 7

The purpose of a community health mission is:

• Question 8

How are individual community health programs measured to provide evidence for supporting their existence?

• Question 9

Whose duty is it to convince others of the power of information and encourage them to use it effectively?

• Question 10

What is the statistical technique that uses specification to remove variation caused by differences in the relative size of subset populations?

• Question 11

Since infant birth weight is affected by socioeconomic characteristics, to make month-to-month comparisons of low birth rate baby counts more reliable:

• Question 12

What is used to improve data entry accuracy?

• Question 13

At what compensation level are national and regional market surveys consulted?

• Question 14

Which employee service has been shown to reduce absenteeism?

• Question 15

Who is responsible for ensuring that contract workers have been hired according to federal regulations?

• Question 16

Good practice specifies that when workforce reduction is needed, which workers are reduced first?

• Question 17

What is an example of the enhanced environmental management function of environment-of-care services?

• Question 18

Chemical and radiation hazard management is an example of which function of environment-of-care services?

• Question 19

For a particular time period, the number of treatment facilities needed can be forecasted by multiplying the average number of treatments by the hours per treatment, divided by:

• Question 20

For services such as an emergency room that must be continuously available and that vary in the number of visitors arriving, the facility requirements can be determined by the maximum units of demand multiplied by:

• Question 21

Financial statements are usually issued to outside stakeholders:

• Question 22

What function of the finance system supports the enterprise by guarding assets and resources against theft, waste or loss?

• Question 23

What would be the purpose of developing pricing strategy and supporting specific price negotiations?

• Question 24

What must be reported to the federal government as a condition of participation in Medicare?

• Question 25

What function of internal consulting involves the refinement of data to remove extraneous variation?

• Question 26

Once operating units develop OFI proposals, what is the first step in the programmatic capital review process?

• Question 27

What is the most critical role of internal consulting?

• Question 28

Which is a function of internal consulting support of improvement projects?

• Question 29

What is a deliberate effort to separate markets according to customer need?

• Question 30

The deliberate effort to establish fruitful relationships with exchange partners and stakeholders is the definition of:

• Question 31

Counts of untoward events documented in the patient record describe what major listening monitor?

• Question 32

What are the costs of maintaining a relationship called?



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