Is a New Healthcare Workplace Model Necessary?

Is a New Healthcare Workplace Model Necessary? healthcare industry in accordance with the passing of time. I want to explore healthcare workforce that incorporates the traditionalists and baby boomers from generation X and generation Y. In my opinion, younger generation of the healthcare sector adds different values and attitudes and has diverse career goals and brings new work ethic to workplace. The paper will focus on HR policies and practices.

Instructions:Research Paper – Human Resource Issue in health care

The purposes of this assignment are to a.) effectively use research resources through library data bases and search engines to complete course requirements, b.) improve critical thinking skills, and c.) develop effectiveness in writing about topics relevant to course objectives and health care administration.

The purpose of this paper is to present a human resources issue in health care (thus there must be some sort of controversy), research the literature, analyze the alternatives, and present a conclusion (take a stand).

The paper should be based on at least five current peer reviewed journal articles. The papers should be no more than 18 pages in length, not including the Title Page, and References. Citations and format must be in APA style.

This paper is designed to give you a model for presenting an issue to executive management and must include an Abstract (included in the page count). In the working world, you must be able to summarize complex issues and make a recommendation in a limited number of pages.

Each paper should include:

1. Abstract

2. A brief statement of the issue

3. Synopsis of the literature researched, including both the journal articles and any relevant information from the text or other non-scholarly sources.

4. Examination of both sides of the issue

5. Recommendation of how managers should deal with this issue if it presents itself in their organization.

6. What was learned and how it will be applied in the student’s present situation.

7. The paper should be in APA format, and the writing should be clear and understandable with correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.



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